Innovative Clasp - Smart Clasp®

Fusion between a Jewel and Swiss Technology!

Want one, two, three bracelets, or a necklace? The Smart Clasp ® keep a perfect preservation and resistant for a long time.

Patented Technology, the Smart Clasp® offer unlimited possibilities. Tried and Tested, it resists of Time and to your life.

The clasps are made with Silver 925, the system Smart Clasp® is made on stainless steel 316L, high quality, it will be also used on medical domain.

A simple pressure on each side of your bracelet Human-Sens open it to insert the Smart Clasp® of your choice.

Over time, humidity or sweat could create a patina on it. This phenomenon is normal and could be reduced by a regular cleaning with soft rag.

The elastic cord Human-Sens

The cord was designed in a high strength material. Nevertheless, it could loss his elastic properties faster if it was constantly subjected to high tension. It is important to choose carefully the size of your Human-Sens bracelet.

It is enough to take tailor’s tape, to surround your wrist and to take the measure the most suitable and comfortable for you: neither too loose, or too tight.

Releasing to the Size and choose of the bracelet’s rubric

To ensure your Human-Sens jewelry an optimal service life, protect your jewelry from corrosive products such as soap, detergents and creams.

We advise you also to remove your jewelry when exercising intense physical activities.