Human-Sens & You


Myrianna and Robindras, a meeting, a need for sharing, a common vision …

It all started through the sharing of our life experiences, faces we’ve seen that have upset our hearts and our ways of seeing our planet and its residents.

Him, adventurous traveler and deeply free. Her, close to her own, sensitive and idealistic.

Two opposing worlds that against all odds came to the same conclusion.

The one we all feel more and more concerned by our Mother Earth, all united to it and each in his own way we carry in our hearts the desire, even the need to do something.

Like the planet Earth, we are just a dust in the Universe. But, from this dust is born an extraordinarily world, who shows us every day its exploit and its capacities.

We have chosen our planet for emblem so that everyone can reclaim their land, their Universe. So that every day we remember it, and every day we act for it.

Our Earth, a jewel of conscience, a human bond, the H from Human and the S from sense to remind us our nature, to remind us that we have the power to unite us and to act together.

Let’s act together, wear your Human-Sense bracelet, connect, participate in our actions by having fun, exchanging, sharing.

To put Man, the craftsman at the center, demonstrate that it is possible to buy without harming the environment, or to men. On the contrary, Human-Sens is to commit to a fairer world, so that value and quality is recognized and that through its promotion we can help around us.