Human-Sens is an eco-responsible brand – clear commitments ensuring a conscious, respectful and beneficial purchase for all.

Our commitments:

      Environnement and territory :

the Human-Sens range is mainly produced in Switzerland.


      Sharing of benefits to contribute to another vision of consumerism


      Respect for local craftsmen :

All Human-Sens actors are independent craftsmen sharing our values and the Know-how of Switzerland.


      Traceability of our raw materials, (natural stones, semi-precious and precious, gold, silver) come from a controlled market, certifying and guaranteeing the ethical value of all our jewelry.


      Durability of our bracelets by the quality of the materials used and the know-how. No planned obsolescence.



The ambition is to go beyond the simple functionality of our jewelry and to give them a magical power like premodern totems by incorporating them into a long Story.”.