Each bracelet Human-Sens is unique. The natural stones were chosen for their properties but also, for their qualities.

We attach great value to our stone’s quality, to obtain all their benefits for a long time.

Bracelets Human-Sens presented in two different ranges:

Premium versions:

      Lapis Lazuli (8mm ø)

      Lava Stone (13mm ø)

      Tiger Eye / Falcon’s Eye (13mm ø)

Standard versions:

     Howlite (8mm ø).

     Onyx (8mm ø)

To choose the right bracelet, focus on the stone that brings the benefits you need. But above all, follow your intuition! Let your felt lead you. A stone attracted you at first sight? No doubt, it’s for you! This stone will surely be the one you need at the moment.


In order to perfectly be adjust to your morphology, our bracelets are available in several sizes. The natural stone has to be in contact to your skin to have its effects: The bracelet must be neither too tight or too wide!

Choose your size:
If you have a meter of sewing, you just have to wrap it around your wrist and to measure its size: It has to be well adjusted. You don’t have one? No panic! Use a thread of raffia, wool or a twine and surround your wrist. Take the marker and just measure the length with a ruler or any other measuring tool.

The available package sizes are:

  • Size S (women): de 15,2 à 16,4 cm – standard feminine wrist

  • Size M (women): 16,5 à 17,4 cm – middle feminine wrist

  • Size L (women): 17,5 à 18,4 cm – robust feminine wrist

  • Size S (men): 16,5 à 18 cm - small masculine wrist

  • Size M (men): 18,1 à 19,5 cm - standard masculine wrist

  • Size L (men): 19,6 à 20,5 cm – robust masculine wrist